Car Plunges Into Ravine After Crash on Old Chapin Road in Lexington

Car plunging into ravine

Car Plunges Into Ravine Following Crash on Old Chapin Road in Lexington

A vehicle crash on Old Chapin Road, close to Waverly Court in Lexington, resulted in a car plummeting into a ravine. The Lexington Police Department (LPD) oversaw the incident and were quick to respond.

Driver hospitalized and cited for reckless driving

The driver, who LPD identifies as the party at fault, was transported to the hospital by EMS following the incident. Law enforcement plans to cite the driver for reckless driving and unlawful passing, indicating lapses of safety norms and traffic regulations led to the accident.

Road closures and traffic control

Immediately following the crash, police instituted lane closures and enforced a detour via Snelgrove Road to manage traffic. However, all lanes have since been reopened, according to LPD’s subsequent updates.

Preventable collision: A caution from Lexington Police

In a public statement on social media, LPD emphasized the preventable nature of such collisions. “99% of collisions in the Town of Lexington, SC, are preventable, and this is another good example of that. Drive alert and don’t take chances.” This incident serves to remind the public of the potential consequences of reckless driving and disregard for traffic regulations.

Public response and local news

Residents are managing the situation and the news of the accident has spread across local channels. The emphasis on traffic safety and adherence to rules are noteworthy to prevent such accidents in the future. The coverage of the incident has prompted local discussions about road safety and driver responsibility, reminding all residents of the necessity for vigilant, careful driving.

Car Plunges Into Ravine After Crash on Old Chapin Road in Lexington

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