Black-owned Restaurants Featured in Black Eats Week 803

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Black-owned Restaurants Featured in “Black Eats Week 803”


In a delightful culinary showstopper, “Black Eats Week 803” has showcased some of the most exquisite Black-owned restaurants in the Midlands region. The initiative, running through Sunday, promises exclusive specials from 9 different food establishments in the area. The National Restaurant Association reports that women own 35% of minority-owned restaurants, and these statistics bear true in Columbia’s exciting food scene, too.

Trini Lime Shines Among Local Cafes

Trini Lime, a Caribbean restaurant in Cayce, is one of many businesses owned by women, representing diverse cuisines and culinary styles. Their mouth-watering menu includes regional favorites such as jerk chicken, Caribbean roti, grilled shrimp skewers, and more. What distinguishes Trini Lime further is its commitment to infuse traditional Caribbean flavors with innovative cooking techniques that make every dish an exploration of the Caribbean culture. Throughout the duration of Black Eats Week 803, Trini Lime has been delighting customers with special promotional offers and introductions to new dishes.

Encouragement for Diners

“Black Eats Week 803” is not just a stage for these businesses to flaunt their culinary expertise; it’s also a platform for customers to explore, indulge, and be rewarded. The first 3 people to eat at all 9 participating restaurants during Black Eats Week can win money, turning this into a gastronomic treasure hunt.

Black Eats Week 803: More Than Just a Food Festival

While “Black Eats Week 803” allows food lovers to explore a wide range of cuisines and dishes, it’s much more than just a food festival. It’s a celebration and acknowledgment of Black culinary creativity, resilience, and business acumen. It’s a week that places the spotlight on a critical segment of the restaurant industry that often goes unnoticed, despite making significant contributions to the local economy and food culture.

It’s a week to support these businesses, help them grow, and let them know that their presence in the food industry is savored and appreciated. The celebration of “Black Eats Week 803” reminds us of the importance of diversity in the culinary world and how it reflects the vibrant and multicultural fabric of our society.

Final Thoughts – Engaging the Community

“Black Eats Week 803” is a crucial initiative that not only supports Black-owned restaurants but also encourages the community’s participation in enjoying and appreciating diverse cuisines. Whether it is for the special offers, the possibility of a treasure hunt, or the simple joy of trying something new and delicious, “Black Eats Week 803” is indeed a celebration for all taste buds.

The success of this initiative has encouraged organizers to make this an annual event, meaning food lovers can now look forward to another “Black Eats Week” next year. By recognizing and supporting these businesses, we are pledging ourselves to a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant food industry. Happy dining!

Black-owned Restaurants Featured in Black Eats Week 803

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