Carolina Cider Company’s Pecan Pie Named Best in South Carolina by LoveFood

Pecan pie celebration scene.

South Carolina Shop Touts the Best Pie in the State

For the Love of Pies in South Carolina

Pies are a delicacy that meets every taste bud’s requisite, sugary or creamy, savory or sweet. The humble pie is diversified to suit everyone’s palette, whether topped with a crumbled spice or bestowed with a crust exceedingly flaky. Undeniably, every pie lover is guaranteed a delightful gastronomic experience. Thanks to the effort of LoveFood in selecting the very best pie each state has to offer through meticulous reviews and praise garnered from first-hand experience.

Carolina Cider Company Nabs the Top Title for the Best Pie

Among the tarts and pies of the old-fashioned, new generation, and regional fruity delights, one stood out from the rest in South Carolina. According to the list by LoveFood, the most amazing pie in the state comes from no other than the Carolina Cider Company, with their pecan pie leading the pack and bagging the coveted trophy.

Pecan pie may be a common dessert, yet the Carolina Cider Company has brought an appeal to this classic that sets it apart. Once savored, one cannot help but use their pecan pie as the benchmark to all other pies. Carolina Cider Company delights its customers in various locations which can be discovered via their website.

LoveFood’s Verdict on the Best Pie

According to LoveFood, a delicious pie isn’t exclusive to South Carolina anymore, as once you have tasted the pecan pie from the Carolina Cider Company, nothing else can match up. The pie harmoniously balances the flavors, with buttery pecans and a filling that does not overbear with syrupy sweetness.

The local baker Laurel, who initially started the Carolina Cider Company selling pies, relishes, jams, and jellies, has since grown to three roadside shops. More top-class pie slices amongst several states can be savored by scrolling through the comprehensive list provided by LoveFood.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Carolina Cider Company

There’s no doubt that South Carolina’s Carolina Cider Company has won the hearts of pie lovers with their top-rated pecan pie. Whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, this pie shop is a must-visit to satiate your sweet tooth cravings. With multiple locations offering this succulent delight, the best pie of South Carolina is too tantalizing to miss out on.

No matter what your favorite pie filling might be, the delicious offerings of Carolina Cider Company are luring enough to reel in even the most discerning palate. So why wait? Embark on your journey to the best pie in South Carolina today.

Carolina Cider Company's Pecan Pie Named Best in South Carolina by LoveFood

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