Women in Philanthropy to Host Annual Power of the Purse

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Women in Philanthropy to Host Annual ‘Power of the Purse’

Columbia, SC – The Women in Philanthropy organization announced this week that it’s hosting its annual event, ‘Power of the Purse’, this upcoming Thursday. The group is an affiliate of the United Way of Midlands and the event is open for public with tickets still available for purchase.

About Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy is a dedicated organization that advocates for social improvement, providing support systems and resources for the community. It aims to encourage women to use their abilities for change through strategic philanthropic initiatives. As an affiliate of United Way of Midlands, a prominent nonprofit with nationwide operations, Women in Philanthropy access a broad network of resources, partnerships and support. The organization is calling upon community members to extend their assistance and involvement, using the ‘Power of the Purse’ event as an opportunity to further its mission.

‘Power of the Purse’ Event Details and Purpose

The annual ‘Power of the Purse’ event is a vital platform used by Women in Philanthropy to drive its mission forward. It draws together local leaders and community members to contribute in unique ways towards the sociopolitical, educational, and economic development of the local community. This year’s event will take place this upcoming Thursday, and tickets are still available for purchase. Although specific details on the event activities have not been disclosed, these usually involve donation drives, keynote speeches, and opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Community Contribution and Support

Community members can get involved in numerous ways beyond attending the ‘Power of the Purse’ event. Women in Philanthropy depends on local support for leading its initiatives and participants can contribute in various forms, such as financial contributions, volunteer work, foster partnerships or simply by raising awareness about organization’s initiatives within their own networks. Every effort, regardless of its size, can lead to substantial positive changes in the community.

Women in Philanthropy to Host Annual Power of the Purse

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