Allegiant Launches Seasonal Flights from NCWV Airport to South Carolina and Florida, Aims to Promote Local Tourism

Sun-kissed beach getaways.

Allegiant Kicks Off Seasonal Flights from NCWV Airport to South Carolina and Florida

Bridgeport, West Virginia: In a new move that promises to boost local tourism and offer vacationers more convenient travel options this summer, Allegiant has announced the launch of its seasonal service from the North Central West Virginia (NCWV) airport. The new non-stop flights will connect NCWV to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

Exciting New Travel Routes

The South Carolina service started on Thursday, following which the Florida route kicks off on Friday. Strategic timing for the inauguration of these flights ensures that travelers planning their summer vacations won’t have to angst over layovers or connections any longer.

“We are very excited about bringing back these seasonal routes,” said an Allegiant official. “Our goal is to make travel convenient for our customers and offer them more direct options to enjoy their preferred destinations.”

Boosting Florida Tourism

According to Allegiant, the company has a record of flying nearly 8 million visitors to and from Florida each year. The introduction of the new direct route from NCWV to Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is part of the company’s wider strategy to bolster tourism to the sunshine state. The hope is that the ease and directness of the new route will tempt more travelers to visit Florida, which is known for its beautiful beaches, pulsating nightlife, and unique blend of cultures.

Allegiant’s Seasonal Expansion

In addition to the NCWV-Myrtle Beach and NCWV-Fort Walton Beach routes, Allegiant has also embarked upon seasonal expansions in 66 other cities around America. The move is part of the airline’s larger initiative to boost travel and promote local tourism in these cities, thereby contributing to the local economies. The travel company has always been keen on innovating its services to ensure a seamless, hassle-free experience for its clients.

With the launch of its new seasonal flights, Allegiant continues to offer its customers more flexible and accessible travel options, catering to the seasonal trends and preferences of modern-day travelers.


In a take-home message, the commencement of Allegiant’s seasonal service from the NCWV airport to South Carolina and Florida this summer promises to offer vacationers a more comfortable, convenient, and direct travel option. The strategic expansion in 66 other cities nationwide further amplifies the company’s commitment to promoting local tourism and facilitating seamless travel experiences for one and all.

Allegiant Launches Seasonal Flights from NCWV Airport to South Carolina and Florida, Aims to Promote Local Tourism

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