Award-Winning Comedian Akintunde to Reveal New Show Location and Upcoming Projects

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Award-Winning Comedian Akintunde to Reveal New Show Location and Upcoming Projects

Columbia, SC Is All Set For A Summer Full of Laughter

In the heart of Columbia, as the summer sun shines bright, celebration and laughter get ready to take center stage. Dove award-winning comedian Akintunde has announced the return of his no-cursing live stand-up comedy show, ‘First Sundays’, but this time, at a brand new location. Here’s a look at what’s ahead for this sensational comedian.

Stand-Up Like No Other

Known for his clean and hilarious comedy routines, Akintunde has been instrumental in creating a show that can be savored by everyone, kids and adults alike. First Sundays, one of his most adored shows, has made waves with its signature no-cursing policy, offering pure, wholesome fun for the entire family.

First Sundays: The Next Chapter

First Sundays is back, and it is bigger and better. The show will now be held at a new location, 124 Diamond Lane in Columbia, South Carolina. The doors will swing open at 5 pm, and the show will kick off at 6 pm on July 7, 2024. Special music by DJ Geechee Man promises to keep the atmosphere vibrant before the main event.

Projects Ahoy!

Not one to rest on his laurels, Akintunde has more than just his exciting new location to share. The comedian recently paid a visit to our studios and left us with a sneak peek into his upcoming projects. While he kept the details close to his chest, fans can no doubt expect the same engaging wit and humor that have become his hallmark.

Hosting Duties

Adding another feather to his hat, Akintunde is also gearing to play host at a glitzy red-carpet event soon. Known for his quick wit and charming personality, the popular comedian is sure to keep the audience riveted from beginning to end.

Laughter, The Best Family Bonding Exercise

With the summer here, families may often find themselves pondering over activities that can engage everyone. The answer, as it turns out, might just lie in a comedy show that has children rolling with laughter and adults chuckling heartily. As Akintunde brings his unique blend of humor to Columbia once again, an unforgettable summer seems to be just a laugh away.

Keep Yourself Connected

To keep yourself updated about First Sundays, and all other events by Akintunde, make sure to sign up for the exclusive newsletter. Stay connected, and let the laughter never cease!

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Award-Winning Comedian Akintunde to Reveal New Show Location and Upcoming Projects

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